The Future of Smart
Event Ticketing.

An adoption-focused event ticketing platform designed to streamline ticketing, increase security and fix the problems that plague the industry worldwide.

Tokenised tickets

Tickets are distributed to wallet’s as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Personalised wallets

Digital tickets are issued to users' verified wallets with biometric profiling.

Fair resale

Easily transfer tickets in the BPM Exchange at a maximum of Face Value.


Promoters know all event attendees even if the ticket has changed hands.

It’s time to safeguard the world of ticketing.

The time has come to eliminate touting, fraud, scams, and unfair resales while improving vendor security, protecting genuine fans, and enhancing fan/artist connections.

There are two parts of the BPM software: BPM Wallet App, with its in-app secondary marketplace, the BPM Exchange, and BPM Dashboard, the backend software that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Manage all your event tickets from the palm of your hand.

The BPM Wallet app allows you to seamlessly manage all your event tickets in one place. Buy, sell, trade, the world is your oyster.

Collect points to redeem discounts & prizes.

Earn points with every transaction and enjoy exclusive ecosystem rewards. Think FREE tickets, VIP access, merchandise, food, and beverages.

Get connected and personalise your experience.

Sync your music library to see events that match your taste. Experience a fun-fuelled environment from the word go, where you can get connected with friends and artists.

Fair ticket trading amongst verified users.

The BPM Exchange provides a secure environment for secondary ticket sales and purchases between verified profiles, where resale is capped at face value.

Find event tickets with ease.

BPM’s secondary marketplace allows users to securely buy and sell tickets between one and other. Events will also be eligible to list and sell their tickets directly to the user.

Exchange tickets safely and securely.

The simultaneous transfer of ticket and payment between buyer and seller eradicates scams and blind faith trust trading.

Monitor and track ownership of tickets for your event.

BPM Dashboard is the backend software for ticket creation, distribution and management by primary ticket outlets and event promoters.

Access event statistics with real-time data.

Obtain insight into ownership of tickets, demographics, and more by viewing a variety of analytics.

View all attendees verified user profiles.

NFC technology and BPM Wallets in-app biometric profiling operate in conjunction for increased entrance security.

Relive every moment with memory-infused NFTs.

Paper tickets were great keepsakes, but current digital tickets are easily forgotten; our sustainable tokenised tickets transform into collectible memorabilia in the form of NFT digital art.

A single wallet for all your tickets.

Buy, securely store, and manage your digital tickets all in one place.

Turn notifications on to be kept in-the-know regarding updates and reminders for all you favourite events!

Collect digital memories in the form of NFTs.

Upon redemption, your digital ticket will transform into an exclusive NFT relative to the event you attended.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll be airdropped a rare NFT from your favourite artist or footballer!


Dive into the $BPM Tokenomics and learn how $BPM tokens are allocated and how you can benefit from our airdrops.

Revellers NFTs

Ownership of a Reveller NFT makes you a BPM VIP and opens the door to ticket upgrades, exclusive events and more!

About BPM Wallet

BPM Wallet is far more than just tokenised ticketing, it’s a real-world ecosystem revolutionising the events industry.