Fixing the problems
others ignore.

We’re focussed on solving all the issues that plague the ticketing industry and putting the power back into the hands of fans.


The ticketing industry is plagued with problems, but thanks to the power of NFTs and Web3, the time is now to truly evolve the live events industry, all while connecting fans to incredible experiences.


We’re harnessing NFT technology to create a more genuine and tangible connection between fans and artists. Tokenised ticketing enables us to give people incredible, immersive experiences before, during and after live events.

The BPM ecosystem fixes the ticketing industry’s biggest problems.

Ticket fraud & scams

Tokenised ticketing guarantees authenticity. Simultaneous transfer of ticket and payment between buyer and seller in the secondary market eradicates scams.

Ticket touting

Fair resale

Event security

Kelvin Rolf
Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Bond
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Dangerfield
Chief Technical Officer
Alex Bond
Design Lead
Jehrone Kerr
Community Lead
James Rule
Community Adviser
Mike Pickets
Raver Tots Festival
Tiffany Creasey
Fringe Festival Australia
Ben Hilton
International Events
Phase 1
Phase 1
  • Concept generation
  • Core team building
  • User research
  • Concept development
  • Infrastructure planning
Phase 2
Phase 2
  • $BPM creation
  • Initial DEX offering
  • Create Revellers art
  • Begin development
  • CEX listing
Phase 3
Phase 3
  • Launch new website
  • Ripple grant application
  • Mint Reveller NFTs
  • NFT + $BPM ‘Staking’ release
  • Expand Team
Phase 4
Phase 4
  • Secure strategic partnerships
  • MVP launch
  • Secure ticketing partnerships
  • Trial MVP/BETA applications