Wow, this year has gone quick but as a project we've made huge progress. As we head towards December, we wanted to take a moment to chat with you about the leaps and bounds we’ve made - and the exciting milestones just on the horizon for BPM Wallet & Twotixx. Our team has been putting in some serious elbow grease, and it’s all for one reason: to make your event experience as smooth as silk.

The Venue App: Your Event, Your Rules

We’re on the home stretch to launching something we’re super stoked about - the Venue App. Picture this: hosting your own events, your way, without a hitch. That’s what we’re promising, and we’re in the final stages of development in hopes of releasing by end of year. 

Twotixx V2: Upgraded features

Twotixx is getting much better and major upgrades are coming. We launched the MVP of our consumer App in July and we've been improving it ever since. On Monday we pushed version 1.0.3 live to the App store which provides a new map feature for each event, including a function to open in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze and CityMapper. The new location features are complemented by an 'add to calendar' feature, an updated ticket screen and new functionality around how tickets are activated and guests are managed.

More improvements are coming, with a user experience that’s only getting easier to navigate, and a fresh look and intuitive features to make it an industry leader, we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to.

Admin Panel Beta

Early next year, we’ll be releasing our Admin Panel Beta. For all event organisers, this will be a powerful tool for event organisers. Imagine having a bird’s-eye view of how your event is doing, with all the analytics to back it up. 

Twotixx: Ticket Selling, Simplified

Also dropping in Q1 2024 is Twotixx's ticket-selling software. Think of us as the all-in-one, hassle-free ticket selling and handling solution - We’re fine-tuning every detail to make selling tickets stress-free for all size events.

The final piece of the puzzle which is on the roadmap for 2024 is the secondary market, a fair and ethical market where tickets can be bought and sold peer-to-peer. This is where the BPM token will begin to realise its real world use case. 

BPM Rewards Hub - Reap the Rewards of the Ecosystem

Another part of the project that we have began work on is the expansion of the BPM Rewards Hub, I can’t say too much yet but we have exciting plans for 2024! BPM tokens and Reveller NFTs will be used to unlock benefits. 

Revellers - The NFT for Real World Enjoyment

Revellers have always been part of our plan to revolutionise event experiences. We see Revellers as an All Access style pass that we plan to immerse in the BPM ecosystem. Each Reveller has a tier, with platinum being the most rare, and bronze being the most common. We also introduced Dreamers, which will act as the lowest tier and a stepping stone to Revellers. The ultimate goal is for there to be 10,000 Revellers, so far there has been 1633 minted out of the genesis collection release of 2000. 200 of these are platinum, 400 gold, 600 silver and 800 bronze. Once the genesis collection has been minted out, we will release Revellers Mk2, which will be a collection of 1000 Revellers made up of gold, silver, and bronze. There will only ever be 200 platinum tiers. 

To conclude, we're on track and hitting our goals, And we couldn’t have come this far without your support. We're focused on creating a level playing field for genuine fans and event attendees as a whole, so here's a massive thank you from all of us. You're not just on this ride with us; you're the reason we keep pushing forward. 

Catch you in the next update, until then, we'll continue building! 

All the Best,

Kelvin Rolf and the BPM Team