In my last update I spoke of our progress towards the delivery of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP). I am delighted to announce that not only was the MVP launched on schedule, but it was also successfully showcased during our MVP launch event in London a few weeks ago. The event itself was a remarkable success, and I am proud to share that the app performed exceptionally well.

Witnessing the app in action at our launch event was not only thrilling for the BPM team, but it also yielded invaluable insights into user behaviour which has helped identify areas for improvement in both the consumer and venue app interfaces. I am pleased to inform you that these enhancements have already been documented and incorporated into our development backlog.

Another exciting development during this period was the re-branding of the consumer app. This strategic decision holds significant importance as we expand our presence beyond the confines of the traditional web3 landscape. I would like to emphasize that this re-branding was not taken lightly; it was the culmination of months of thoughtful deliberation and effort. The team believes that this strategic move aligns with our overarching goal of achieving widespread adoption of our technology. For more comprehensive insights into our re-branding journey, I encourage you to watch out for an upcoming blog post dedicated to this topic.

Looking ahead, I am pleased to report that the team has successfully formulated the roadmap for the remainder of this year. Our efforts have already been set in motion, encompassing enhancements for both apps and further advancements in backend tooling as well as preparations for the next use of our app which is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam in September, as we support the XPUNKS event.

In closing, it is with mixed emotions that I share the news that this will be my final report as Chief Technology Officer at BPM. After much consideration, I have decided to embark on a new chapter in my journey, leading me away from BPM.

As I transition out, I find comfort in the fact that the timing of my departure aligns well the with companies’ roadmap. The successful delivery of the MVP marks a significant milestone and signals the completion of a key aspect of my role. By departing now, prior to embarking on the next phase, I am creating space for my successor to bring fresh perspectives and ideas, thus fostering the project's evolution.

I want to assure you that my decision to depart is not a reflection of any waning faith in BPM’s mission. The challenges within the ticketing industry are real and a calling out for a solution.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities, collaborations, and growth I've experienced during my time as CTO at BPM. As I transition into the next phase of my career, I will always value the relationships I’ve built, friendships I have forged and the milestones we've accomplished together.

Thank you for your unwavering support and understanding during my time with BPM.

A personal statement

When I took on the role of CTO, I was tasked with helping to turn our founder’s vision into a reality. The successful delivery of the MVP marked a very significant milestone in the company’s history and signalled the completion of a key aspect of my role.

I stood at a crossroads and found myself faced with a difficult decision; to leave a role I had grown to love or take a leap of faith and challenge myself. At my core I am an innovator and an entrepreneur, I thrive on new challenges. So, whilst BPM has a long road of delivery ahead, I feel like the path is now established. I could have stayed for a while longer, but I have completed the architectural element of my role, all that is left now is execution. By departing now, prior to embarking on the next phase, I am creating space for my successor to bring fresh perspectives and ideas, thus fostering the project's evolution.

Following the launch of our MVP in London and witnessing it being used for the first time, I am more convinced than ever that blockchain can be the solution to the problems that plague the event ticketing industry, worldwide. BPM have everything they need to be a very significant part of this solution and so I wish to make it very clear that my decision to move on, is based on a view that my job is done, along with a recognition that I have a thirst for a new challenge.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the founders for giving me with the opportunity to be part of something truly remarkable. The chance to contribute to this project has been an incredible privilege, and I will forever cherish the memories and friendships that I have made. I am excited to witness their continued progress, and I extend my best wishes to the whole team, in the pursuit of their mission.