Welcome to Revellers BINGO - Gamified minting for pre-Christmas prizes.

How does it work?

The concept is simple, mint a Reveller(s) from onXRP.com and if your traits match the BINGO card, win the matching prize. 

Each BINGO card features 20 traits (10x common, 10x rare).

You can mint multiple Revellers to stack traits, but once a prize has been claimed, those Revellers may not be used again. Revellers can NOT be used to claim multiple prizes.

For example, if your minted Reveller(s) matches with 2 common traits or 1 common and 1 rare or 2 rare traits shown on the BINGO card, you win the associated prize.

You must mint from a single wallet and can NOT buy or trade Revellers to match traits.

Prizes are only valid during the selected mint window (e.g., Mints 800-900). Revellers minted before or after the window will not count towards a prize.

We will issue a new BINGO card every 100 mints and continue to run our 2000 XRP giveaway for the Halo trait alongside BINGO. For clarity, we have introduced mint BINGO following holder feedback regarding the low chance of winning the HALO prize. BINGO will have a significantly higher win rate; therefore, ALL previous HALO prizes are discontinued, and the original prize of 2000 XRP has been reinstated.   

I won a prize, what now?

You will need to join our Discord via the link below and submit a help ticket: Join Discord

We will need to validate your transactions before granting your prize.

Upon confirmation, we will send the prize to the mint wallet ONLY.

Please note YOU are responsible for claiming your reward(s).

Good luck, and have fun playing!