Revellers are a collection of 10,000 NFT avatars that reward holders with VIP in-App access, lock-up reward options, and unparalleled future event experience. It’s important here to acknowledge that Revellers are our Genesis NFT and very much the beginning of the BPM Wallet user journey. If you are not familiar with BPM Wallet, the supporting backbone behind Reveller NFTs be sure to bring yourself up to speed on our website and product deck after perusing the below. 

Part 1 : Limited Release

Quantity: 2000

Mint Date

Whitelist: 8th December '22 at 5pm UTC

Public: 10th December '22 at 5pm UTC

Mint Prices

Whitelist: 485 XRP

Public Mint: 585 XRP

How can I be whitelisted?

All wallets holding 75,000 $BPM or more will be automatically whitelisted. 

The whitelisted wallets will not only be able to access the mint early and will mint discounted price for the first 48 hours.

The mint is random, you will not know what you're minting until you've minted it!

Mint Part 2 Details

The remaining 8000 Revellers will be available to mint in 2023. The mint price of part 2 will be dynamically set based on the Revellers' secondary market floor price to protect the initial 2000 Reveller holders. More details coming soon. 

BPM Rewards

Revellers start with $BPM rewards, live events, fashion drops, and much more that will be revealed over time. Community ownership in Revellers allows for a new genre of media that the world has yet to explore. 

We believe art should be a key element when determining an NFTs intrinsic value, that's why we implemented a multifaceted reward system based on trait rarity. 

Revellers value will not only be determined by 1 to 10,000 rarity but also by VIP tier. We included a single trait on ALL Revellers identified by Bronze to Platinum colouring with Platinum being the rarest and offering $BPM rewards when locking up $BPM on the $BPM Rewards platform.

Even if you don't mint a ‘rare’ NFT based on trait generation, it might still give you access to the top-earning APY and associated benefits. For example, if you mint the least rare Reveller ranked 10,000, but it features a rare platinum trait, its intrinsic value increases, especially as there are only 1000 platinum traits within the entire collection.

To maximise $BPM returns, a platinum trait Reveller is required; however, as per below, even a bronze trait Reveller will earn more than double the rewards of $BPM holding alone. 


Furthermore, VIP benefits outside of staking are also trait related. Platinum holders will receive 4 raffle tickets per month vs. 1 for bronze. 

There will be just 1000 platinum NFTs within the entire collection, followed by 2000 gold, 3000 silver, and 4000 bronze.

A Reveller is your Web 3.0 identity and Metaverse avatar, while also providing access to real word Web 2.0 utility— get ready to revel!

How to mint

1. Load XUMM Wallet with XRP

2. Visit

3. Visit the Launchpad

4. Select MINT

5. Open XUMM Wallet - Events and sign the transaction

6. Visit your onXRP profile to view your minted Reveller

If you're new to XRP then check out our Xumm set-up guide:  Xumm PDF set-up guide

View Revellers Mint guide: View Guide

View Revellers Litepaper: View Litepaper

View BPM Rewards Details: View Rewards