There is nothing quite like being part of the crowd at your favourite event, patriotically supporting your country at the FIFA World Cup, singing shoulder-to-shoulder at a concert with like-minded super fans, or pitching up at a music festival amongst hundreds of thousands of revellers. 

Some events are out of reach, perhaps because they’re overseas, sold out or simply too costly. What if you could attend the events you love from the comfort of your home and still enjoy an immersive experience? Would you participate?  

Thanks to the power of blockchain technology and Web3 advancements, metaverse or digital reality experiences are soon to play a part in everyday experiences, bringing your favourite events to your living room. BPM is entering the metaverse through an exciting partnership with VerseX, allowing for the creation of exclusive event experiences within the VerseX Metaverse.

BPM Wallet is building a ticketing ecosystem to tackle real-world problems within the event industry, eliminating ticket touting, fraud, scams, and inflated ticket prices, while improving vendor security, protecting genuine fans, and enhancing fan/artist connections.

VerseX aims to lead the race to develop a revolutionary metaverse that will combine the best elements of the real world and Web3. These include education, the voluntary sector, gaming, e-commerce, social aspects, and live events through their partnership with BPM Wallet.

BPM Co-founder Kelvin Rolf said: “Metaverse events will never replace real-life experiences, but with this partnership, venue capacity and location will no longer pose barriers to fans, providing unprecedented revenue potential for events and artists. Live events can run in sync with their live streamed metaverse counterpart.”

Ticketing has the potential to become one of the first real-world applications of NFTs. At the same time, live metaverse events may lead the way in establishing digital experiences in the real world.

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