$BPM Token &

Dive into the $BPM Tokenomics and learn how the Rewards platform will develop into an integral part of our ecosystem.

A token with unparalleled utility.

The $BPM token will play a pivotal role in our mission to revolutionise live event experiences as well as the entire live events industry.

Event ticket purchases
Loyalty airdrop lock ups
Event ticket upgrades
Reduced marketplace fees
Redeem for rewards & prizes
Sustainable ecosystem
Earn & spend $BPM in Rewards
The Discount

Save on marketplace fees.

$BPM offers a 50% discount on all marketplace fees for sellers and buyers. If you don’t hold $BPM, don’t worry, our automated system will buy it for you.

The Experience

Purchase & upgrade tickets with $BPM.

Redeem extras and upgrades using $BPM in the Rewards hub to enhance your event experiences. Have access to exclusive offers, merchandise, tickets, ticket upgrades, and more.

Metaverse events will add further utility to the $BPM Token.

The Ecosystem

A sustainable rewards hub is waiting for you.

As the ecosystem develops, Rewards will be derived from booking fees buyers and sellers pay and Reveller NFT royalties.

Max. supply 10,000,000,000

Pre-sale & IDO 1%
Exchange Release 9%
Operational 50%
Lock up & Airdrop Rewards 20%
Marketing 10%
Reserves 5%
Team* 5%
*The teams 5% token allocation will be paid monthly over a 24 month period with contracted restrictions on selling.

Buy $BPM in seconds

You can buy $BPM on Bitrue Exchange or the XRPL DEX (Decentralised Exchange), or you can use Sologenic, onXRP or Xumm Wallet's DEX xApp.

Set up the BPM trustline

Setting up the $BPM trustline is quick and easy, follow the link below to authorise the trustline and begin trading in seconds.

Introducing, BPM Rewards.

The Rewards hub is where $BPM & Reveller NFT holders will claim access to exclusive special events, releases and other perks, including $BPM lock ups.

Track returns with real-time data
Customised Rewards plans
Monthly Reveller Raffles
Loyalty Airdrop Lock ups
Xumm Wallet-based platform
Reveller tiered Rewards plans
Access to special offers
The Functionality

Customise your lock up plans.

$BPM lock ups are loyalty airdrops in which token holders retain full custody of their tokens. Simply connect your Xumm Wallet and build your plan to earn airdropped rewards.

The Airdrops

Gain access to higher rewards.

When creating a lock up plan, combine your $BPM tokens with a Reveller NFT to maximise your $BPM airdrops.

The Security

Powered by XUMM Wallet.

Remain in full custody of your $BPM tokens at all times. Simply connect your XUMM Wallet to our rewards hub and reap the rewards.

The Future

Unlock exclusive extras with a Reveller.

Initially the BPM Rewards hub will offer $BPM lock ups and Reveller Raffles. As the platform develops, there will be a further expansion of BPM Rewards to include exclusive events and offers for $BPM & Reveller holders.

Build your rewards plan

Lock up your $BPM tokens and earn dynamic rewards. Access enhanced $BPM Airdrops when you combine your $BPM with a Reveller NFT.

Buy $BPM in seconds

You can buy $BPM on Bitrue Exchange or the XRPL DEX (Decentralised Exchange), or you can use Sologenic, onXRP or Xumm Wallet's DEX xApp.