An event-full

Welcome to the Metaverse, an immersive virtual playground that solves the final piece of the puzzle, complementing NFT ticketing and removing former barriers to all future events worldwide.


Live events in the metaverse.

Event ticketing is one of the first real-world applications of NFTs, harnessing blockchain technology to provide innovative solutions to global industry issues. Although NFT technology can solve industry pillaging problems such as ticket touting, fraud, scams, and inflated resale prices, it doesn't solve other problems such as venue capacity or location.

Never miss out.

Live events will sync with their Metaverse counterpart, virtually uniting fans and artists while significantly enhancing event earning potential.

We thrive for that rush of the first goal or the roar of the audience as your favourite artist appears on stage. It is these very moments, these lifelong memories, that we should both aim to protect and enhance.

Untapped revenue potential.

Shackle-less, the Metaverse presents limitless opportunities for genuine fans and vendors, unlike conventional tangible venues restricted by space. Fans can attend events within the Metaverse that they’ve only ever dreamed of; gone are logistical parameters, capacity restraints, and even event exclusivity.

Get ready to revel in the Metaverse.

BPM Metaverse events will be accessible to Reveller NFT holders, so you won't miss a thing! Watch your favourite sports event live or dance the night away with your favorite DJ, or rock out to your favourite band from the comfort of your own home!