Welcome to Revellers NFT.

A collection of 10,000 NFTs, hand-sketched by our legendary artist, Fiasco, which unlock unparalleled utility within the BPM Wallet ecosystem.

Increased $BPM Airdrops

Lock-up your Reveller with $BPM tokens to earn increased $BPM airdrop returns.

Exclusive events & tickets for NFT holders

Join the BPM VIP Club. Enjoy exclusive rewards, upgrades and discounts.

Raffles, secret prizes & trips

Monthly draws to win prizes. From Reveller merch to all-inclusive trips away!

Free drinks & merchandise offers

Claim free drinks and merchandise offers through the BPM Wallet app.

Exclusive Holder Rewards

An exclusive PFP NFT that pays to hold!

Not only can you access increased airdrops through BPM Lockups but you automatically become a BPM Wallet in-app VIP and have access to exclusive features, rewards and events.

VIP Prizes & Rewards

VIP access to tickets, airdrops & prizes.

Reveller holders will always be “in the know”, receiving exclusive news and access as we receive it. Think whitelist opportunities for up-and-coming NFT projects, automated raffle entries to win once-in-a-lifetime prizes, future airdrops, and VIP access at BPM-associated events!

Yield Pools & Trait Association

Maximise airdrops with trait-tiered Revellers.

ALL Reveller NFTs will feature 1 trait that determines tier. There are 4 levels associated with the above trait; bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Platinum is the rarest offering the best rewards and benefits and bronze the most common.

Phase 1
  • Artwork creation
  • Establish social media accounts
  • Website development
  • Reward Reveller community with giveaways & whitelist spots
Phase 2
  • Collection reveal
  • Influencer marketing
  • Partnership execution
  • Event planning
Phase 3
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Mint collection
  • Merchandise launch
Phase 4
  • Holder events
  • Rewards
  • Monthly raffles
  • Other holder rewards

Get revelling to earn $BPM!

Lock up your Reveller and $BPM tokens to access our lock up rewards pool. The higher the Reveller tier the higher the rewards.

Meet our artist, Fiasco!

Born and raised in Peru, Fiasco takes inspiration from Peruvian myths and legends, with heavy influence from pre-Columbian and Inca cultures.

Fiasco has invested countless hours into the Revellers collection, with every trait being hand sketched in pencil, then inked, before being scanned and painted in photoshop, hence the uber refined detail. With a total of 200+ individual traits and multifaceted trait rarity determining holder benefits, every single NFT will be a one-of-a-kind work of art with a range of holder utility.

NFT Artist

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