BPM Wallet awarded
$200k XRPL Grant

We are pleased to announce that BPM Wallet has been awarded a grant of $200k as a Wave 4 recipient of the XRPL Grant.

The Project

XRPL Grants backed digital ticketing platform.

We’re excited to drive this smart ticketing innovation forward as we look to implement #THENEXTSTEP — a BPM Wallet initiative. We feel empowered by the recognition RippleX’s grant award has bestowed on the project, with that funding playing no small part in the implementation of our industry-disrupting plans.

Global Ticketing Industry

Secure & fair ticketing for genuine fans.

In taking #THENEXTSTEP our mission is to bring our smart ticketing innovation out of its developmental stage and into the wild, changing the way event ticketing is done forever. That means no more fake tickets, no more scalping and improved security — together with an enhanced user experience for event-goers.


XRPL-based global ticketing platform.

We’re embarking on #THENEXTSTEP with the confidence of having grounded the project in the best underlying technology possible. Our platform is built on XRPL due to its reliability, low transaction fees and rapid processing speed, making it the perfect fit for BPM Wallet in revolutionising the event ticketing industry.

Revellers NFTs

NFTs bridging the gap between Web 2.0 & 3.0.

The recent introduction of the XLS-20 protocol on XRPL has enabled NFTs on the network. In harnessing the use of those NFTs on our platform, not only will your tickets be secure and authentic, our approach brings ticketing into the Web 3.0 era. That means that event-goers will benefit from distributed ownership and control of their tickets while interacting with our platform.

Marcus Bond

Marcus Bond


“We're delighted and extremely grateful to be a grant winner. This now gives us the finance to accelerate delivery of our innovations for the next generation of event ticketing. To receive recognition from a company we respect as much as Ripple is real validation for the vision of BPM Wallet.

The team has worked incredibly hard through the last year and this is a perfect start to 2023.”

Kelvin Rolf

Kelvin Rolf


“We are over the moon to receive this $200,000 grant. It motivates us to know we are on the right track when we receive this validation from XRPL Grants.

This funding allows us to speed up the development of our platform as we move towards integrating our NFT-based ticketing solution with existing ticketing platforms.”